Christmas Traditions.

Can you believe Christmas is already here?  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was decorating my tree and telling myself I needed to stop and enjoy the view, as it would be coming down before I could blink.

This is my favorite season.  It’s my favorite season for decorating.  It’s my favorite season for baking. It’s my favorite season for singing. It’s my favorite season for crafting.

It’s also my favorite season for family-ing.  (Yes, I just made that up.)

This is the one time of year, that I get to see all of my family at one time.  So much family time packed into two days.  

And while we do exchange gifts for the holiday season, that’s not what this time is all about.  

It’s about the joy.  The salvation. The love. The togetherness. The singing. The company.  And most importantly, the traditions.  

Looking back now, I am so appreciative of the things my parents did with my brother and I when we were young during this time of year.  Even if they were small things, such as making us wait at the top of the stairs in our jammies until everyone was awake to run downstairs and see what Santa brought.

It’s those little things that matter.  And that you remember.

A few years back, I had a brilliant idea.  

A NEW tradition.  

Let’s call it, ‘Themed Christmas Eve’.

Instead of dressing up all fancy, I decided on a theme, and everyone had to wear something that went along with the theme.  

Now, let me tell you, my family thought I was nuts (And they probably still do!).  Why would we do such a silly thing?

Well, we are now on our 5th year, and friends it is now a tradition I look forward to each year.  

Here are some ‘Themed Christmas Eve’ photos from previous years.

2012 – Ugly Christmas Sweater


2013 – Flannels


2014 – Rainbow Colors


2015 – Sports Jerseys

Family Christmas2015.jpg

2016 – Stay tuned to find out!


Every year we take lots of photos. All of us together, individual families, kids, and more.  I know many families do this – how wonderful!  What a great way to document these fun memories!

Here are a few other traditions we have:
1. Eat breakfast in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.
2. Bake Christmas cookies.
3. Write a personal note for your loved one to open on Christmas morning.
4. Open one gift on Christmas Eve (must be Christmas jammies).
5. Make/ build a homemade gift for someone.
6. Listen to Christmas music all day.
7. Watch Elf the week of Christmas.
8. Buy 4 gifts (something you want, something you need, something you wear, and something you read).
9. Attend church on Christmas eve.
10. Play games after church.
11. Crowd in the living room to open gifts.
12. Make more memories!

What are some of your family traditions? I’m always looking for new ideas to add to my list!

Thanks for joining me in 2016.  Here’s to a wonderful new year of greywoodmama.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 7.16.59 AM.png



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