Quick weekend project – magazine holder

I love a good challenge.  Especially when I know I can get it done fairly quickly.

My sweet aunt needed a magazine holder for her bathroom.  Because ya’ll have to have something to read while you’re in there.

She sent me a few pictures of things she had picked up at the store.



While those are cute options, it’s just not homemade.  And I am all about homemade.

So, she asked me if I could make her something.

Here was my quick sketch/idea.


Yes, the brown thing is a magazine! I said it was a quick sketch!

Then I figured some dimensions.



You can really make this any size you want.  If it’s going to be for a living room, maybe make it a tad bigger.  Or if you want it to hold more magazines, a tad wider.

Once I had the dimensions, I cut all the pieces, used some wood glue and a nail gun and put it together.


Once everything was set, I used some stain and a polycrylic finish.


Isn’t it just lovely?


DSC_0001 (1)


And here it is in her bathroom!

IMG_4790 (2)
An easy weekend project, turned into something so simple and sweet. And useful.

magazine holder _PIN

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