Simple frame for any photo or print project

I love to make a room or a space in a house special.  I mean, there’s just something wonderful about a room that is full of pieces with a story.  

If you come into our home, we could spend all day chatting about the pieces of furniture we built (or the projects we DIYed), why we decided to build them, and some funny stories to go along with them.  Or about the gorgeous antique pieces I found while ‘junking’.  

Occasionally, when I have some spare time (But, who actually has spare time?), relatives/friends will ask me to make something for them.  It’s usually because they just can’t seem to find what they are looking for.

Most recently, it was this magazine holder.  My aunt needed something for her bathroom to hold all of her magazine, because friends, reading material is essential in the bathroom.

magazine holder _PIN

This time, my sweet cousin was needing my help.  She is having her second child in July and prepping the nursery. She purchased these prints to match the color scheme in the room.

IMG_5091 (1)

She left it to me to decide what to do with them! Ahh, I love it when she does this.  Hopefully she does, too!

So, let’s get to it.  Here were a few questions we narrowed down in the process and what we decided on.

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DIY Simple Frame _ PIN

Do you want this ‘thing’ to be one big piece, or three separate pieces?

We decided to go with three separate. You can hang them multiple ways – vertical, horizontal, in a triangle pattern, etc.  You can remove one/two of them and just have one/two being displayed.  You can hang them on different walls of the room. Individually, they are lighter in weight. Finally, you can sit them on a shelf if you wanted.

Do you want it to be stained or painted?

The nursery walls are grey and the furniture in the room is grey.  The bedding and other decor is purple and teal(ish).  And the trim on the walls/windows is white.  Because of this, I decided staining it probably wouldn’t ‘go’ with everything else.  

That left me with painting it white or grey. Since the prints she wanted to display were full of color and the walls are grey, I thought white was the best option.

Should the prints be permanently attached?

Even though my sweet cousin didn’t care on this one, I decided to make the attachment temporary.  If she ever finds a new print or photo she would like to display, she’s going to thank me someday because she will be able to switch things up!

Here’s an overview of the steps to build these frames.

7 – 1x2s
Wood glue

Miter saw

Trace the image size on plywood.  Trace the 1×2 around the image to create your ‘boarder’.

IMG_5001 (1)

Cut your plywood to size using the guidelines.  

IMG_5007 (1)

Measure the lengths needed for your 1x2s that will create the inside border.  Cut all to size.

IMG_5010 (1)

Use the nailer and wood glue to attach the 1×2 together. I used 2 inch nails for this.

IMG_5018 (1)

Measure for the 1x2s that will create the outside border.  Cut all to size.

IMG_5014 (1)

Attach the 1x2s to the inside frame using wood glue and the nailer.

IMG_5015 (1)

Sand the frame (and the plywood back) and finish using paint or stain.



Attach the print or photo (to the plywood) using glue, double-sided tape or whatever you feel comfortable with.  I used poster putty.  Then, attach the plywood back to the frame using the nailer.




Aren’t they just adorable?  They fit perfectly over the changing table in the nursery.

While I was at it, I made one more thing for the nursery.  Here’s a sneak peek!


More details to come on Thursday. You won’t want to miss it!

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